Tyler Guillen

What do you get when you cross a photographer, a philosophy nerd, a science lover, a voracious reader, an almost-adequate writer, and a software engineer? You'd probably get someone like me. I have a BA in philosophy from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and two years of experience building web applications and managing technology stacks.

I am currently working as a software engineer at a mid-level startup in San Francisco, where I develop and maintain a large logistics platform based on Ruby on Rails.

Technical Interests

My primary tools are Ruby and Rails, but I consider myself stack-agnostic. I am proficient with Ruby, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTTP, and REST, and have built projects with frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, Flask, React, and Backbone. I like robust test suites and elegant design, and I value clean, extensible code. I take ownership and pride in the projects in which I'm involved.

Recent Projects

A simple and flexible eventing library for Ruby. Provides a clean interface and intuitive configuration options.
An application that collects application performance data from Tracebin agents. Aggregates and displays 24 hours of data, including endpoint performance, database query and view rendering overhead, and general system health.
The Ruby/Rack agent for Tracebin. Installs as a Rack middleware, and instruments various components of a web application, including response time, SQL queries, and system health. Also measures background job performance. Asynchronously sends all data collected to Tracebin for ingestion.
My Trello Rails
A Trello-style application with a Rails backend and a Backbone frontend. Integrates with various third-party resources, and is backed by a robust test suite.